Word of the week?

I decided to start something on my blog called “word of the week”. It would always be a positive word. My first word would be contentment which I would write another blog post on. I really just wanted to introduce this topic so I can get words from my audience. So please comment a word you would love for me to use! Thank you !!

What is your word of 2019?

We are in the end of October which means we have 2 months left before 2019 is here!! Woot!! Woot!! I don’t know about you but 2018 was not my year and 2019 HAS to be my year. The other day as I was scrolling through Pinterest and seen a pin of words for the year of 2018. Well obviously 2018 is almost way over so I figured to pick a word for 2019. There were so many words to choose from but I wanted to just focus on one word. The word I chose was security.

Based on what I felt I needed the most in life, I chose Security. Security because I declare this will be the year to work on my insecurities. The year I would have financial security. The year to develop security in a relationship and friendships. The year to have security in my environment.  The year to secure my relationship with GOD. The year to feel secure in my body, in my mind, in my thoughts and feelings. Security in myself period. Security is EVERYTHING!!!

Comment below and tell me what is your word of 2019? It is always nice to hear from everyone. Below is the link to the pinterest image!

Welcome to My Blog!

I have decided to make this blog as a form of therapy. A way to let my thoughts and feelings out while allowing people to get into my mind. I have thoughts. I have feelings. I have opinions. What better way to express them than a blog? I just hope at least one person reads my words and really take it to heart. If I can help at least just one person, then I reached my goal.

Mind is the mental and emotional aspect of a human. Body and Beauty is the physical aspect of a human. No matter our size we are ALL beautiful. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Last but not least Soul is the spiritual aspect of a human. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog, YOU are very appreciated!

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